Dont’t Miss This “The Last Adventure!” Clip From D23!

The clips kept coming yesterday, but we missed posting this one. Thank you to @Thatguardianguy in the DuckTalks Discord server for helping me find the source for this clip.

DuckTales series finale will debut on Monday, March 15th at 7 pm on Disney XD. It will also be available “ungated” on DisneyNow and Disney Channel YouTube on the same day.

*Edit – Although we believed we had read that the finale would be available on Disney Channel YouTube we could not confirm this information, and a source has said they believe it to be untrue.

Duckworth and Scrooge McDuck from “The Last Adventure!”

Spoilers: The clip may be from the end of Part One or possibly the beginning of Part Two. “The Last Adventure!” is a three part series finale.

The mention of Beakley’s plan reminds us that Beakley has been keeping secrets in season 3. *Edit – Many have pointed out that Scrooge is saying “Water Beakley’s plants.” On closer review, I agree that is what was said.

It is odd that there is some reason why Scrooge does not want the children (minus Webby and Huey) to go along for the adventure….

Don’t forget to set a reminder to catch “The Last Adventure!” on Monday March 15th!



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