The Last Adventure Marathon Promo!



Spoiler Warning!

Launchpad McQuack in “The Last Adventure!”

Ok, now that that is over with. A new promo has aired on Disney XD… If you thought those subtitles and descriptions were spoilers, you are going to lose your bills over this one.

I first saw the promo on Twitter from Disney Schedule Archive. I’ve embedded the tweet below, and there are screen shots to follow.

We know from past promos and the recent Table Read that the series finale will begin at Funso’s Funzone.
Season 3 is said to be Huey focused. The image of him and others entering these double doors takes place a few times in the promo.
Huey and Webby are missing from this scene. I wonder if it is from the party at the beginning of the episode, or later in the episode….
I found this image interesting. I wonder what Beakley is reading…
Rockerduck!? You didn’t think John D. Would be skipping out in the finale did you!?
Is Beakley gearing up to protect someone? Or to take on FOWL?
I think this may be Gene the Genie inside the Phantom Blot’s magic syphoning gauntlet.
I’m gonna miss these ducks.
Looks like Lena will be using her magic on the Cloud Slayer!
Season 3’s “I am the storm” moment!?
May, June, and April- I mean Webby, definitely Webby.
The family storming FOWLs hidden lair.
Oh man… we are going to cry watching this, aren’t we?
Yes. Yes, we are.

DuckTales series finale, “The Last Adventure!” premieres Monday, March 15th on Disney XD (7pm), Disney Now (ungated by subscription), and Disney Channel YouTube!

*Edit – Although we believed we had read that the finale would be available on Disney Channel YouTube we could not confirm this information, and a source has said they believe it to be untrue.


  1. The image with April, May and June (even though it’s only two of them as it has Webby) is quite strange…
    I mean, there’s one clip where Webby, Lena and Violet are using their “friendship” magic. What if they transformed into ducks?
    I haven’t seen the leaked captions, so I can’t confirm, but this my theory.


    • Spoiler Warning!

      Without giving too much away, I believe the mystery at the end of the table read (about 10 minutes into the first
      Episode of the finale) was May and June.


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