Herocross Donald Duck DuckTales (2017) MUSHIE Figure

Herocross is a Hong Kong based toy and collectibles company that makes high quality figures of all of the best franchises. I became a super fan of their products ever since I first saw their HMF (Hybrid Metal Figuration) series of articulated Disney duck characters. In the HMF series, they have released figures of Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Scrooge McDuck, Huey, Dewey, Louie, and Webby Vanderquack.

Herocross has created what may end up being one of the rarest of DuckTales (2017) collectibles. Last year, Herocross announced a new traditional soft vinyl figure series called Hyper MUSHIE Series (HMS). There is a vintage nostalgia feel with this series of toys. A Disney fan favorite, Donald Duck, was picked to be the first character produced for this series. What is better than one new Donald Duck figure? How about four Donald Duck figures representing memorable looks that he has worn in his prestigious career. One of those figures celebrates his DuckTales (2017) look.

Donald Duck HMS#001 features Donald in his current look. Donald Duck HMS#002 calls back to Donald’s look during his early animation days. Donald Duck HMS#003 is our favorite DuckTales (2017) design, and it is also a Herocross website exclusive. The unique red sailor suit Donald Duck HMS#004 figure is from a comic cover, and it is exclusive to ordering the complete set of Donald Duck MUSHIE figures (HMS#001-004).

Future releases in Herocross’ HMS series include characters from Toy Story and Dumbo.

Our amazing friends at Herocross, sent me a Donald Duck DuckTales edition to showcase on our blog.


Donald Duck

Donald looks fantastic in his DuckTales (2017) color scheme. It even has the small pie cut out detail in his eyes. Donald does not have a bow tie in DuckTales (2017), but each of the figures are a variant repaint of the same sculpt. The figure does look like a modern take of a classic vintage Donald Duck toy. The figure measures at roughly 6 inches, and his head is posable.

Where to Buy?

This figure retails for $45 USD and can only be ordered directly from Herocross’ website at the link below:

Herocross Donald Duck HMS#003 (DuckTales)

Herocross Donald Duck HMS#001

Herocross Donald Duck HMS#002

Herocross Donald Duck HMS#001-004 Set

Final Thoughts

I love that Herocross chose Donald’s DuckTales (2017) look for one of their figures in the Hyper MUSHIE Series. With a limited production run and also being a Herocross website exclusive, I would not wait too long to purchase this treasure if you have interest in it.

Let us know what you think about the Herocross Donald Duck MUSHIE figure DuckTales edition in the comments below or tweet us @DuckTalks.


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