YouTube TV Subscribers Get Early “BITS!” Image!

Spoiler Warning for “Beaks In The Shell!”

Gizmoduck and Huey from “Beaks In The Shell!”

This week DuckTwitter has been eagerly anticipating the return of DuckTales this coming Monday 2/22 at 7 pm on Disney XD and Disney Now. If you’ve missed it, here is the episode description;

Huey struggles to keep Fenton and Gandra’s top-secret experiment (and their relationship) hidden from the world, but Mark Beaks is desperate for one last gizmo to steal.

The episode already sounded entertaining with the continuation of the Gizmoduck/Mark Beaks rivalry AND the Fenton/Gandra Dee relationship. But this week an image leaked from the episode that made us even more excited foe the episode!

We’ve not shared the image because we’ve been waiting for an “official” release of it instead of the “leak.” But today it was brought to our attention that the image is now on YouTubeTV! This is your spoiler warning. If you do not want to see the official episode image from YouTubeTV then don’t scroll any further. I’m warning you, spoilers ahead. If you are still reading, I can tell you are tempted. Let me point out that when you go to watch the episode on Monday this is the image that will great you when you select the episode…

Spoilers Ahead

Spoilers Ahead

This is your warning!

There is a spoiler ahead!

Don’t scroll down and complain that you saw the image at DuckTalks!

Just Wait for Monday when this image greats you before you select the episode to watch!

Ok, so you are sure?

No turning back!

It might already be on the screen!

Last opportunity!

“Let’s Get Dangerous!” is still free on YouTube!

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“Beaks In The Shell! Thumbnail from YouTube TV

Shoutout to @TheMuz for capturing this image for us to use. If this doesn’t have you super-pumped for Monday’s episode I don’t know what will. Team Science has grown up, and they are ready to take on whatever Mark Beaks has planned for them.


  1. The Life And Crimes Of— You know who:

    Scrooge’s enemies reveal a secret history to prove that he is responsible for turning them evil, forcing Louie to defend his uncle against their prosecutor, Doofus Drake.

    *Guest starring is Martin Freeman (“Sherlock”) as Poe, Magica’s brother, and Henry Winkler (“Happy Days”) as Bailiff. Catherine Tate (“Doctor Who”) returns as Magica.


    • Quick question. Will you guys still update the blog occasionally after the series finale? I like the updates on Disney merchandise and comics and the like.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Thanks Jordan! We do plan on keeping the blog. We’ve become quite fond of the Disney Duck community and currently have some plans for the future. We will be talking about it soon.


  2. Why would they cancell Ducktales? I mean— on youtube, look at beaks in the shell! All together it has over one thousand views— and please can I see it please? Another march trailer? Can I see it please? Please? PLEASE?

    P-L-E-A-S-E? (Tell the creators of Ducktales about the views… they could uncancell it by— 1%, but that’s enough for me..)


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