DuckTales Series Finale Announced!

It is time to begin the celebration of the success of Disney XD’s DuckTales reboot. I’ve been trying to gather my thoughts on the show’s end for the past few weeks. The fandom has known the show would end with season 3 for quite some time now. Obviously, the show has meant a great deal to us. We look forward to celebrating it over the next few weeks. Sorry, I told you I was being reflective lately.

Let me get the news out of the way. DuckTales returns to DisneyXD and DisneyNow on Monday February 22nd at 7 pm and new episodes will premiere every Monday night until Monday, March 15th when a 90-minute series finale special will premiere! The Finale will bookend the show’s spectacular 75 episode run and bring the tales of these adventuring ducks to a close. There will be more news further into the blog, but this could be a long one.

Disney XD’s Image from the DuckTales series finale; “The Last Adventure!”

Not too long ago some discussion on how much DuckTales would be left sprang up on the interwebs. There has been a lot of confusion surrounding how many episodes would be in DuckTales third season. We thought it was strange that anyone would claim there would be more than 25 episodes in the season because there had been 25 episodes in the previous two (I promise, the math works out). But those discussions online led to the show runners asking DuckTwitter and the fandom to be patient and wait for the news to be released.

Co-Executive Producer, Frank Angones asks the fandom to not spread rumors and wait for an official release.

This seemed strange to ask the fandom not to speculate, but there was some bad information out there and we were getting questions like crazy. I will say they stopped once Frank requested a hiatus on speculation. To be honest, this was the first time I seriously thought the finale could be larger than a two-episode story. I still didn’t think the show would break the 75 episode formula… but I wasn’t as confident.

What felt like an eternity later, and the flood gates were opened today! Let’s be honest, covering DuckTales 2017 has very much been a feast and famine hobby. I checked the DisneyXD press site this morning. Unsurprisingly, there was no news. News is usually added later in the day. I was busy at work when someone in our Discord shared a tweet from @VioletGanache42

Thankfully, I was able to copy this press release because it was removed from the site once it began circulating around DuckTwitter. In addition to finding out when the Finale would air we learned several details about the weeks leading up to the show’s finale.

  1. The finale would be “ungated” on DisneyNow. We are assuming this means the episode will be available to anyone without a subscription to DisneyXD.
  2. The series has been the #1 ratings driver on Disney XD and it has reached over 234 million views on social media and YouTube since 2017.
  3. The series finale will encore NON-STOP for 24-HOURS following the premiere.
  4. The series finale will be titled “The Last Adventure!” and a synopsis was provided; “the future of adventuring hangs in the balance as the Duck family uncovers earth-shattering secrets in a final standoff with the Fiendish Organization for World Larceny (F.O.W.L.).”
  5. There are MANY returning guests for the finale including; Lin-Manuel Miranda (Gizmoduck), Giancarlo Esposito (The Phantom Blot), Julie Bowen (Penumbra), Jaime Camil (Don Carnage), Jameela Jamil (Gandra Dee), Catherine Tate (Magica De Spell), Stephanie Beatriz (Gosalyn Mallard), Paul F. Tompkins (Gladstone Gander), Jim Rash (Gyro Gearloose), Margo Martindale (Ma Beagle), Jason Mantzoukas (Stealbeak), John Hodgman (John D. Rockerduck), Retta (The Lost Harp of Mervana), Kimiko Glenn (Lena), Libe Barer (Violet Sabrewing), Jaleel White (Gene the Genie) and Amy Sedaris (Pepper!).
  6. Noël Wells and Riki Lindhome will guest star as sisters, June and May… Let the speculation begin. I’ve got money on these two being connected to Pepper and another familiar character…

There was also an announcement of series of shorts titled “Chibi Tiny Tales” that will feature “chibi” styled versions of DuckTales characters. These will begin on Friday February 26th on Disney XD, DisneyNow , and Disney Channel YouTube. We aren’t sure what to expect, but we did notice one of our favorite Disney Duck artists tweeting about her involvement with the shorts.

Of course the release included a joint-comment from DuckTales’ executive producer, Matt Youngberg, and co-executive producer Frank Angones;

“It has been an absolute honor to adventure along with the Duck Family for three seasons of derring-do bad and good luck tales. Ever since Carl Barks took a silly squawking duck from a funny animal cartoon and sent him looking for pirate gold, these characters have been part of a constantly evolving legacy of invention and reinvention. We set out to honor all those things that we’ve loved about ‘DuckTales’ since we were kids and introduce new parts of that legacy for families around the globe. Along the way, our stellar crew, unbelievable cast and endlessly supportive fans have become a bit of a family ourselves. And it has been a great joy to solve mysteries and rewrite history alongside them.”

If you want to check out other outlets coverage of the show’s finale you can do that by visiting these links:

We plan on recording a podcast episode this week now that this news has been officially released. We will be talking about the recent promo that has aired on Disney XD for the final episodes, and this news for the show’s finale. We hope you join us both for the podcast and for the conversation taking place online in the comments below, on Twitter, or in our Discord.


  1. Honestly I am at least happy it goes out with a bang. I do wonder why only gosalyn is confirmed, no darkwing? Other than that I am fairly satisfied.


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