Random Rings Short with Launchpad McQuack and Cricket Green

The new Random Rings short gives us the crossover that we didn’t know we needed with DuckTales (2017) and Big City Greens when Launchpad McQuack accidentally calls Cricket Green.

This is the second Random Rings short to feature Launchpad McQuack. Launchpad calls Baymax from the Big Heroes 6 series in the first Random Rings appearance.


  1. So, this series of shorts has not only had 2017!Launchpad calling the Greens and Baymax, but it’s also had Dr. Doofenshmirtz calling the Greens twice. This indicates that DT17 apparently somehow shares its universe with Big City Greens, Big Hero 6, and Phineas and Ferb (and by extension, Milo Murphy’s Law). Sadly, that probably also means that those shows’ characters can never cross over with Mickey Mouse, since he apparently doesn’t exist in DT17 (and yet somehow his nemesis does).


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