Fantagraphics Mickey’s All-Stars Review

Product Description

In this once-in-a-lifetime storytelling achievement, more than 40 acclaimed comics creators from around the world celebrate Mickey’s wildest adventure!

Star artists from around the globe each draw a chapter of Mickey’s wildest adventure ― from Giorgio Cavazzano ( Disney Masters) to Mike Peraza ( Mickey’s Christmas Carol) to Marco Rota, plus dozens more! While celebrating his birthday at a carnival, Mickey crosses the threshold of a fortune-teller’s mystic portal and finds himself flung headlong into an amazing journey. He encounters one phantasmagorical dimension after another ― a fractured fairy tale kingdom, a cubist realm, and outer space ― with plenty of dragons, mummies, and giant mouse-eating plants along the way. (Not to mention alternate versions of Goofy, Peg Leg Pete, and the Phantom Blot!) Can Mickey get back? How deep does this rabbit hole ― er, mouse hole ― go? Full-color illustrations throughout.

Mickey’s All Stars will be released by Fantagraphics on 12/1/20. The book is 56 pages.


This book is a tribute to the mouse, the myth, the legend….Mickey Mouse. It was originally scheduled to be released in 2018 to celebrate Mickey Mouse’s 90th Birthday. Mickey is 92 now, but when 44 all-star illustrators collaborate on a single Mickey Mouse story…the wait is definitely worth it. After Mickey travels through the fortuneteller’s mystical portal, each illustrator gets to show in their unique art style what happens when Mickey walks through the next door in the portal. The Mike Peraza page was my favorite. This was a fun artistic journey and an easy recommend for Disney comic fans and fans of the mouse.

I would love to see a collection of artist collaborate on a Donald Duck All-Stars book next.

You can purchase Mickey Mouse All-Stars at the link below:

Mickey Mouse All-Stars

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