Beast Kingdom D-Stage DuckTales Statue

Beast Kingdom Woo-oo! There is no other company that understands the popularity of Disney Afternoon merch than Beast Kingdom. Beast Kingdom is coming after our wallets next year with classic DuckTales 1987 collectibles.

The DuckTales franchise will be joining the popular D-Stage line of statues by Beast Kingdom.

Preorder: DuckTales D-Stage Statue

This 6-inch detailed statue features Scrooge McDuck, Huey, Dewey, and Louie on a treasure hunting adventure. The classic DuckTales logo is present on the base of the statue. Further details can be seen by taking a 360 view of the base. The flag says Woo-oo! The diorama features gold coins and a money bag with Scrooge’s money symbol. The genie lamp from the DuckTales Movie can be seen amidst the coins.

One additional thing to note is that the DuckTales logo in the corner of these official images from Beast Kingdom is the DuckTales (2017) logo. Does Beast Kingdom also have the DuckTales (2017) collectibles license?

This DuckTales D-Stage statue is being released in a wave of D-Stage figures in the “Staging Your Dreams” line that also includes Dumbo, Pinocchio, and the Aristocats. I could definitely see other Disney Afternoon shows represented on the D-Stage series down the line as Beast Kingdom has had used Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers in different product lines. I would also love to see a Darkwing Duck D-Stage statue.

This statue will be released in August 2021 and retails for only $33. It is a must own for me personally. You can preorder this DuckTales treasure from Entertainment Earth at the link below:

Preorder: DuckTales D-Stage Statue

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