DuckTalks Episode #115 – Behold! The Impossi-Episode!

This episode is an experiment… Look for DuckTalks clips to EVENTUALLY show up on our YouTube channel. This week’s podcast recording had more issues than a single podcast episode should be allowed, but it is FINALLY available for YOU to listen! We review “Escape From The Impossibin!”, and we discuss DuckMerch both released and to come.

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Disney Masters Vol 13: The Sunken City Review

The Mouse Watch Review

“Swanstantine!” Image Available!

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  1. It’s a boring playground. Anyway, all morning guess what the Isaac had to do?

    A 2 HOUR MATH TEST!!!???

    It was supposed to be an hour and a half, but I had to do 45 hard pages of math. (6 Math tests.)

    It was hard.

    It was Immpossi-ble!

    (Because of Escape from The Immpossibin, get the joke?)

    It was hard.



    Anyway, what is The Split Sword Of Swastine?

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