The Ducks Show Up On Disney Sorcerer’s Arena!

You may have seen on Twitter or heard on our podcast that we have been playing the Disney mobile game, Disney Sorcerer’s Arena. So far it has been a fun game. It has all of the normal mobile game problems with trying to steer players into spending obscene amounts of cash on upgrades that will help you progress through the game more quickly.

What I enjoy most about the game is collecting the characters and building them into teams that allow me to compete for rewards with other players. The game also has clubs which allow players to earn rewards together through daily activities and weekly Conquests!

Disney Sorcerer’s Arena has been adding a lot of content lately, and we were excited to learn yesterday that the Sensational Six we’re finally coming to the game this month.

The update hit this morning and we were treated to the details of their introduction.

The game has already introduced Scrooge McDuck, Darkwing Duck, and Gizmoduck. It looks like they will play an important role in adding the Sensational Six to the players roster. I have a pretty strong DW, but I currently lack Scrooge and Gizmoduck.

Daisy Duck is the first of the Six to be added. Adding her should be easy. Then you begin the grind to earn Goofy, followed by Donald. These three new characters will be necessary to add Pluto, Minnie, and Mickey to your teams.

The event has a Mickey and Friends versus Villains theme going. Where it looks like the goal will be to earn characters and level them up to defeat their villain so that you can move along. Unfortunately, these events are very difficult for Free to Play players, and I doubt you will earn Donald Duck during this event if you aren’t going to spend some cash.

That is no surprise for people currently playing DSA. Those of us who aren’t spending lots of money on the game know that our goal should be to get a good foundation of characters for the event so that we can prepare for when it returns. The events rotate and return allowing you to pick back up where you left off the previous time the event was available.

Many of us choose to pay for the monthly VIP extras within the game. I have done so the past two months and it really enhances the games experience, but I don’t plan on spending that kind of money every month. VIP gives you extra energy, gems, and other items to enhance your experience.

There is also a Passholder option that begins at $9.99. These are specific for the events and they allow you to get started with the event a little easier. Because I really want those ducks on my team, and I haven’t added Scrooge yet, I purchased the Passholder for the first time. Hopefully, this investment allows me to earn these characters and share information with our club and our readers.

We haven’t done a lot of blogs on DSA, but depending on the engagement with this blog we may. Don’t forget to look up DuckTalks in the DSA Clubs and join a great group of players. If you liked this blog and would like to see more about DSA please like it, comment below, share it on social media, and let us know that you would like DuckTalks to bring some more DSA content!

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