Extended Disney XD Night Of All New Promo!

The past couple of weeks have produced many promo images and videos for the upcoming DuckTales premieres.

Eagle eyed DuckFan @AshFangirlLisa caught an extended version of the most recent Night Of All New Promo.

The promo mostly includes clips we’ve seen, but there were some new ones. Check them out below. DuckTales returns Monday September 21st at 7 pm on Disney XD.

It looks like this image is most likely from “The Phantom and the Sorceress!“ Looks like we get an update on Ottoman Empire in the background.

It is possible all of these clips are from the same episode. We see Team Magic plus Magica trying to remove the gauntlet from the Phantom Blot’s hand.

This is the same group seen in the official images for Phantom/Sorceress. It looks like Scrooge is encouraging the kids to go find a real adventure while the load screen for Legends of LegendQuest is on in the background.

Based on all of the other clips being from Phantom/Sorceress this image could be from the same episode. Looks like the boys find an adventure of their own in the B story!

*Update – I meant to include this image showing Webby and Violet holding hands and producing a similar magic to Lena’s.


    • I totally understand. I prefer fewer spoilers, but doing a fan blog an led podcast makes that difficult. 🤣

      But I don’t consider officially released media spoilers. If Disney XD is willing to share it I am ok with knowing.

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