Super7 Disney Ultimates Wave 1 Figures

Super7, a San Francisco based toy company, started teasing images earlier this summer for a collaboration between the toy company and Disney. They released the following images on social media.

Super7 has many great product lineups on their website including Reaction figures and Ultimates. It was at first not clear yet what type of direction that they would be going with their Disney toy collaboration. The Super7 Disney ReAction figures made their debut at SDCC @Home with the announcement of a Haunted Mansion Hitchhiking Ghosts set and Jack and Sally from the Nightmare Before Christmas. Disney’s Haunted Mansion is one of my favorite things on the planet so I had to have that set. It ended up selling out on Super7’s website, but it is still currently available on Sideshow’s website:

Haunted Mansion Hitchhiking Ghosts ReAction Figure Set

Last month, Super7 announced the first wave of their Disney Ultimates figure product line. They are called Ultimates because the figures come with every accessory that you would ever need for that character. The Ultimates figures are also said to be highly articulated. The Disney Ultimates announcement is very exciting and it sounds like this first wave of characters is just the beginning with even bigger releases coming in the future. Who were the first three characters in Wave 1? Well it just so happened to be the three characters that were teased on Super7’s social media during the summer: Sorcerer Mickey, Pinocchio, and Prince John.

You can tell from the images above that these characters come with everything you could possibly want. Well, if I want to be picky, I would also want a thumb sucking hand for Prince John, but beyond that…everything is absolutely perfect. My initial thought was that Sorcerer Mickey is a must preorder. This is definitely Mickey Mouse’s definitive performance and very worthy of the Ultimates product line. A Yensid companion figure would be nice touch down the line. I love the Pinocchio movie, but I never thought that I needed a Pinocchio action figure. It is really nice that he does come with three additional characters from the film: Jiminy Cricket, Figaro, and Cleo. Could Stromboli or Honest John and Gideon be released in the future? Prince John seems like the Ultimates winner from this batch. He is an underrated Disney Villain who really did not get great merch. The selection of Prince John shows great promise of the type of fan favorite characters that this line could produce in the future. We also get another great Robin Hood character with two great Sir Hiss figures. A complete series of Disney Villains would be magical. The Disney Ultimates figure line is the definition of fan service and Disney’s bench of characters is deep. Some of the other characters that I have seen requested by fans of the line in multiple social media threads is the Horned King from the Black Cauldron, Gargoyles, and Darkwing Duck.

With all that said, I ordered all three characters. I wanted/needed them. It would be great to know what figures will be coming in the future (hopefully some Disney Parks and Disney Afternoon figures), but I am looking forward to what Super7 is dreaming up. This first wave will be extremely hard to find at anywhere close to retail price ($45/each) once preorders have sold out. The figures are not scheduled to ship until next year, but I suggest locking in your preorders soon so that you don’t miss out if they sell out.

Entertainment Earth Preorder Links:

Sorcerer Mickey


Prince John

The following video from Super7’s YouTube page features Super7’s Founder/Owner, Brian Flynn, with prototypes of the Disney Ultimates figures:

Let us know what you think about the Disney Ultimates figures in the comments below or tweet us @DuckTalks. What characters would you like to see added to this product line? Also, please don’t forget to follow @super7store for all of their latest toys and collectibles news.

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