New DuckTales Episodes In September?!

We aren’t going to say this is confirmed until we see the Disney XD September Highlights, but it looks like DuckTales could be returning on Monday September 21st at 7 pm. This information comes to us from a Cable Forum user who says it comes from the unreleased September Highlights.

Here is the information from that post.

Monday, September 21
7:00pm DuckTales “The Phantom and the Sorceress!”

Monday, September 28
7:00pm DuckTales “They Put a Moonlander on the Earth!”

This checks out with what we’re anticipating for Season 3’s return and for some stories that we know were coming. We know we will get a storyline including the Phantom Blot, what we don’t know if this story will include Magica DeSpell or maybe Lena. The episode for 9/28 looks to be the episode that we previously had a description for that includes Penumbra, Webby, and the Flontferris Gomwheel.

It is exciting to see indications that the show will return next month. It is not surprising that it will begin at the end of the month, but it is surprising that the episodes would premiere on Monday’s at 7 pm… Actually it is not the show has premiered at all hours on just about every day of the week at this point.

We will of course share the confirmation once the Highlights are out there or if there is an announcement soon, but it’s a great day for DuckFans!

Shoutout to Paul who sent us the forum post in an email! Source:


  1. I know the user on that forum, KyL416, and can safely say that those are 100% reliable and confirmed!
    KyL’s listings are super reliable, just trust me, I have seen his listings become true all the time. 🙂

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    • I don’t doubt it. There are a few people who manage to get the highlights early. We just always remain a little cautious until it is official. Who knows in our current situation when something might change the unreleased highlights.


  2. I had to explain to my kids who the Phantom Blot was. It’s a deep cut. I have a little statue of him that I showed the kids so they could understand better.

    (Old guy moment coming) Do kids today have a frame of reference for the Phantom Blot? I got really excited when I saw him in the season 2 finale, but has he appeared somewhere else recently?

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      • I think the Blot was still appearing in IDW’s Disney comic line last time I checked, but given the current state of Disney comics these days, I don’t know if that’s still the case.

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    • Season 3 will not be released on Disney+ until after it has aired in its entirety on Disney XD.

      We do not know how long after. We are currently watching for the animated series Owl House. It’s season finale aired two weeks ago, but it is not on the Disney+ release schedule through November.


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