Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory coming worldwide in 2020

Today, Square Enix has announced a few Kingdom Hearts news for 2020. So let’s break it down:

  • The mobile game Union X is getting new story levels
  • A new mobile game called Dark Road is coming to Japan mobile on 6/22/2020 (Other regions date unknown)
  • A Kingdom Hearts 3 soundtrack will be released in Japan (Other regions unknown)
  • Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory will be coming worldwide in 2020

All these can be watched from the following trailer (in Japanese)

I’m going to break it down, the BEST I can without the fluent knowledge of Japanese.

For Union X (pronounced Cross), they are expanding the game again and adding new levels and we see glimpses of new characters, Ava, and even Maleficent. And, it looks like they may be going to the Chamber where they captured the 7 princesses of heart from the first game.

Kingdom Hearts Dark Road has the same art style of Union X but it looks to be a origin story for Ansem. The game play looks very similar to the card system that was found in the GBA game Chain of Memories. Also, we see the world Scala ad Caelum in this mobile game as well.

But the big news that came out is the game Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory which looks to be a rhythm type game to be played throughout Kingdom Hearts‘ game history. However, at the end of the trailer was a tease for a BRAND NEW story DLC for Kingdom Hearts III which involves Kairi as we see her in the Final World from that game. The interesting thing is that Melody of Memory is coming to Nintendo Switch (YAY!! Finally a Kingdom Hearts game on that system) but it’s not clear (again, language, maybe they flat out and said it) that this story DLC is apart of the stand alone game or you must have Kingdom Hearts III to play Kairi’s story. Especially the fact that the game is coming to Switch and Kingdom Hearts III is not available for that system, I can see it just stand alone, as the ReMind DLC did give you the option to play as Kairi, but you couldn’t level her up in that game. Let us know what you think, and are excited for any of the announcements that Square Enix had?

Below is just the trailer for Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory.

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