DuckTalks Episode #099 – The Old Make Everyone Dumb So That You Are Smart Trick!

It is another week of new DuckTales episodes, and we are here to discuss all the Duck News and Merchandise. Join us as we celebrate Huey, Dewey, and Louie’s 82nd Screen Anniversary,’s Launchpad ID and Duckburg Poster, PinFig’s 85th Anniversary Donald pin, and we review “Double-O-Duck In You Only Crash Twice!”




Launchpad McQuack’s Drivers License

Our Favorite Nephews Celebrate Their 82nd Anniversary On Screen!

Donald Duck 85 Years Limited Edition FiGPiN – Disney Pins Blog


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  1. Actually, the whole thing about Daisy being the nephew’s biological aunt was actually confirmed by Don Rosa, or at least that he was intrigued with the idea. So at least in the Don Rosa universe it’s a thing.

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  2. I find it funny how tv fans have been telling comic fans to “be more excepting of new versions” but then when they come after steelneak, a character they know, then we need to be more respectful to the source material.

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    • I was also surprised by the response by some fans to the new Steelbeak (who we believe is a great new interpretation).

      I think some fans just have a preference on which version they prefer. For people who have only known the toons (and never read the comics) they don’t know what they don’t know. So they don’t know how good the earlier versions were.

      Take Gladstone for instance. I barely remember Gladstone from the original show, but I could never forget the comic version.

      Steelbeak was an iconic Darkwing villain, and it is hard to imagine that show replacing Paulson. But DuckTales (2017) is not Uncle Scrooge comics, OG DuckTales, or Darkwing Duck. It is something new and re-imagined. At DuckTalks we love all of the versions. Because of what makes them different from one another, and for what links them.


      • It is a reboot so it should do it’s job to tell a new story while updating the characters, not butchering them.


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