Flood of DuckTales Season 3 Clips Days Before The Season Premiere!

As we get closer and closer to the premiere of DuckTales Season 3 various news outlets were treated to some behind the scenes footage and information. We thought it would be nice to compile all of the information on place for DuckFans anxious to learn more about Saturday’s upcoming episodes. Don’t forget DuckTales returns to Disney XD on Saturday April 4th at 9:30 am.


Huey and the F.O.W.L. conspiracy will be the focus of Season 3!

The first article we were treated to was form Comic Book Resources and it focused on Huey and the conspiracy surrounding his story arc for season 3. Here is a quote from Frank Angones from this article;

“the first season was about the past. the second season was about the present and figuring out to roll with the punches about the unexpected. The third season is about legacy and what legacy the family has. We started the show by having Scrooge being the sole ‘greatest adventurer’ in the world, the ‘richest duck in the world.’ And now he’s got a whole family and more extended family. What does that do him?”

Check out the article by following this link to CBR.com.

DuckTales Season 3 is about building a Disney Afternooniverse!

The next day CBR also had an article where they interviewed DuckTales Executive Producer Matt Youngberg and Co-Executive Producer Francisco Angones about the creation of the the Disney Afternoon universe, and Frank even used “Disney Afternooniverse” in the interview!

If you want to read about what compelled the team to branch out from DuckTales to Darkwing to TaleSpin to Rescue Rangers, check out this article here.

Season 3 will focus on getting back to the DuckTales Status Quo… Which isn’t very normal!

CBR (I promise we will get to other outlets) Also shared more from their interview with Youngberg and Angones with another article. This article focused on how DuckTales will be transitioning from traveling to the moon and back to globetrotting adventures in Season 3. Matt Youngberg had this to say;

“I don’t think life is about having something happen over and over again, it’s about adjusting to what’s happening in the moment. Season 3 really is the family together and going back to the status quo for them, which is adventures and treasure-hunting and all that kind of stuff… I think there’s going to be a lot more adventure, even more than in the previous seasons. I think this season has wonderful stories that we explore in terms of the characters… there’s a lot of really big, cool stuff coming in the season.”

You can check out this article here.

Season 3 will also focus on legacy, Della going “full mom” and Donald’s “budding relationship”!

Matt and Frank also spoke with Den of Geek regarding the season’s focus on legacy. Read about how the crew worked hard to get to this point in the show. The interview also focuses on Della in season 3, and Donald’s new relationship.

Review up from LaughingPlace.com

Pirate was right, Goofy will be a camera man in the episode “Quack Pack!”!

Entertainment Tonight has an exclusive clip from from the episode “Quack Pack!” which will premiere on Saturday morning at 10 am. Check out the clip by following this link.

Learn some of the behind the scenes stories from Season 3!

Frank and Matt have been busy, and they also spoke with D23. In this interview there are a couple of behind the scenes stories, and they prepare readers to experience a Donald who no longer needs to take care of the nephews.


And Now Back to Quack Pack!


Brining the Richest Duck in the World into the 21st Century!

Den of Geek also spoke with Frank and Matt about what it was like updating Scrooge McDuck for the reboot. They were quick to give credit to Barks, Rosa, and the original DuckTales. Check out that interview here.

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