Flintheart Glomgold Sweet Box Prototype Figure

You never know what treasures you will find while surfing the eBay, and there is no better treasure than Flintheart Glomgold.

Glomgold! Glomgold! Glomgold!

We have been in a DuckTales (2017) merch hiatus to go along with the show’s hiatus.

The demand for new products is out there, but unfortunately the products are not. I am looking at you PhatMojo.

So back to my eBaying…Russia has a product called Sweet Box which contains a fruit snack and a toy. What a concept! One of the Sweetbox themes is DuckTales. Fruit snacks and DuckTales is a winning combination. A case of Sweet Box fruit snacks contains 10 boxes of fruit snacks and DuckTales goodness. There are seven characters in the figure set including: Scrooge McDuck, Launchpad McQuack, Huey, Dewey, Louie, Webby, and Flintheart Glomgold. You can see a promo image below.

These figures looks similar in size and molding to the smaller pvc figures that were done by PhatMojo with the exception of Flintheart Glomgold which was not in that set. Some things to note from the picture above: (1) All of the figures have the gold bases, Scrooge does not have spats, Glomgold’s figure does have the correct color scheme in the actual product compared to the picture above.

Here are some pictures of the actual Glomgold figure from our friend @PixieSphere.

Back to my eBay search…I found an early prototype figure of Flinty. How many prototype figures exist out there is unknown, but I decided that I needed to add it to the collection.

If you are interested in any of the regular DuckTales Sweet Box figures, there are a couple of auctions on eBay from Russia that are selling 10 box cases of the DuckTales Sweet Box fruit snacks. Also, more Flintheart Glomgold prototype figures will appear on the eBay from time to time. Good luck on your search, and if you get a case of figures and happen upon an extra regular Flintheart Glomgold figure…please let me know.

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