DuckTales Remastered Is Back!

We were all very bummed when Capcom pulled DuckTales Remastered from digital storefronts last year. According to Capcom USA’s tweet the game has returned to PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Xbox One (via Backwards Compatibility), Wii U and Steam digital stores.

If you missed out on Capcom’s remastered version of DuckTales you should consider picking up the game. I don’t know the price at the moment, but I am sure one of you DuckFans will check and let me know.

*Edit* $14.99 for the PS3 edition.


  1. Don’t see an option to buy it on Xbox 360 right now, is it not live yet? I already have it physically but it would be nice to also have it digitally.


  2. Just recently, I finished playing Ducktales: Remastered and really enjoyed it. It now makes me really want to see the Darkwing Duck game get a similar upgrade, and I bet there are other fans who feel likewise. This week, I contacted Capcom asking them if they would consider releasing a remastered version of the game like they did for Ducktales, and as I anticipated, they told me they had no plans for such a thing currently but would send my feedback along to the appropriate team. Since you’re a fan of the Disney Afternoon Capcom games, I figured you might also be interested in the idea of a Darkwing Duck: Remastered game. If you are, would you consider reaching out to Capcom too and letting them know of your interest? If you like the idea, it would also be great to reach out to your followers on social media encouraging them to do the same. If enough fans make their voices heard, Capcom might be convinced to go through with it (only if you’re interested, of course). I know Capcom turned down the concept for an original Darkwing game just a few years ago, but maybe they’ll be more open towards doing something with their pre-existing game.


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