DuckTales Season 3 Image!

As we are still anxiously waiting for any news on DuckTales Season 3… it sometimes feels as if it’s been months since we had any news.

But today an image that very well may be from a Halloween episode in Season 3 has surfaced on Tumblr.

No idea where the Tumblr user was able to get the image, but based on the quality it looks like it may have be a picture taken of a screen.

Of course, the implications of a Halloween episode mean that it may be some time before we get new episodes of DuckTales. We know from our conversation with Co-Producer of DuckTales, Frank Angones, that the people in charge of the scheduling were going to be working through scheduling soon. Hopefully something is announced soon.


What do you think of the image? Do you think Huey is dressed as Gizmoduck? Is Dewey a Hawaiian Pirate (notice the Rescue Rangers Dale pattern to the blue shirt!)?

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