Redd Funko POP! Figure Review

We recently had the pleasure of having the lovely Grey Griffin DeLisle on our podcast. One of the items that we talked about was Grey’s voice work as the redheaded Pirate, “Redd”, from the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction at Disney Parks. You can listen to that great podcast episode here.

There have been two Funko POP! figure releases celebrating Redd that I thought would make a fun blog. Enjoy!

The original Redd Funko POP! release was on October 27th, 2018 at both Disneyland and Walt Disney World.

The original Redd Funko POP! figure has been sold out at the Disney Parks for quite some time so Disney and Funko did a rerelease of the figure as a special edition metallic version. The metallic Redd Funko POP! release was on December 14th, 2019 at both Disneyland and Walt Disney World.

Now for some fun Redd version comparison shots. In box collectors should know that the boxes for these two releases feature different colors and artwork.

Box Artwork

The original release is on the left and the metallic release is on the right.


Here is a picture of Redd with the other Disney Parks exclusive Pirates of the Caribbean Funko POP! figure “Jolly Roger.”

Final Thoughts

I love both of the Redd Funko POP! Figures, and I hope that Funko makes more figures from the iconic Pirates of the Caribbean attraction. The metallic Redd Funko POP! figure is still available at Disney Parks, and you can even find it online at Shop Disney.

Redd Funko POP! figure (Shop Disney)

The Redd Funko POP! would be great to bring with you to meet Grey and have signed at one of her many convention appearances this year.

I really hope Funko makes a POP! figure of Grey’s character Xandra from Legend of the Three Caballeros.

If you meet Grey and have one signed, shoot us a pic on Twitter @DuckTalks.

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