Diamond Select Toys Kingdom Hearts Pete Vinimates

The Kingdom Hearts franchise is a favorite among Disney and Final Fantasy fans. Diamond Select Toys has been the king of toys and collectibles from this franchise.

Diamond Select Toys has Kingdom Hearts Action Figures, Vinimates, Minimates, PVC Dioramas, and half scale busts.

We have showcased their great line of Kingdom Hearts action figures and their Kingdom Hearts Vinimates on our blog. Our friends at Diamond Select Toys have sent us some more great products from the Kingdom Hearts product line to check out.

Today we will be looking at the Pete figure from the Kingdom Hearts Vinimates Series 2.


The package has a window so that you can display the figure in or out of the box. The Diamond Select Toys Kingdom Hearts products for the first two games have a light blue box, and the products from Kingdom Hearts III have a black box.

Front package view

Side package view

Back package view


This Pete figure, like the rest of the Vinimates line, has a poseable head. The rest of the figure is static and can not be repositioned.

This is the only Pete Vinimates figure and also the only villain character from Kingdom Hearts released so far in the Vinimates product line.

Diamond Select Toys did release an amazing Pete figure in their Kingdom Hearts action figure toy line.

Where to Buy?

The Vinimates Kingdom Hearts Pete figure can be found online.

The figure retails for $9.99.

The figure can be purchased directly from Diamond Select Toys from their online store:

Diamond Select Toys Kingdom Hearts

Here is the link to purchase the Pete action figure on Amazon. The action figure is currently on sale at a great price.

KH Pete Action Figure

*By purchasing from Amazon.com through this link above, you are supporting DuckTalks at no additional cost to yourself!

Final Thoughts

Pete is a really fun character who recently celebrated his 91st birthday with Mickey and Minnie. He is also a part of the Disney Afternoon with his show Goof Troop. The sculpts of both the Vinimates figure and the action figure accurately portray his appearance in the Kingdom Hearts game. It is great to get some Disney Villains representation in figure form. If you are a Pete or Disney Villains fan, you should add these figures to your collection.

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