New Review for “Where’s Donald? A Look and Find Book”!

If you’ve read my book reviews you know that I love DuckMerch that gets my kids reading. I buy all ages comic books, cinestories, and pop-up books if it offers my girls an exciting experience reading about their favorite characters. When we first came across Where’s Donald? A Look And Find Book I knew it was a book I would enjoy with my kids. What I didn’t realize was how much this book would appreciate Donald’s comic book history. Where’s Donald? is a great release for young DuckFans wishing to celebrate Donald Duck’s 85th Anniversary!


Look out for Donald Duck and his family and friends as they travel across the globe and beyond in this fun-filled look and find book! Spot Donald in every location, from Duckburg to Bear Mountain to outer space! Then, turn to the back of the book to see what other characters are waiting to be found.

Per the publisher’s description Where’s Donald is a “Look and find” style book that doesn’t rely on a complex storyline to grab the attention of young readers. The goal of each page is made clear by the subtitle of the book. Readers are encouraged to look over the various characters, settings, and happenings on each page as they try to find Donald and his friends (and enemies!). Each page offers a brief description of the setting, activities, people, and challenges to push young minds to focus their attention on the page.



48 Pages

Written by Giorgio Salati (Arancia Studio)

Designed by Fabrizio Verrocchi (Arancia Studio)

Illustrated by Gabriele Bagnoli & Beatrice Bovo (Arancia Studio)


We reached out to the publisher, Phoenix International Publications, and they were excited to provide an advance copy for review. I was expecting the book to arrive while we were gone on our Walt Disney World trip, but I was pleasantly surprised to receive the package mere hours before we loaded up the car for our drive to Orlando.

I was able to give the book to the girls and they made sure to include it in their activity bags for our long ride. We weren’t too far from home when Paisley began informing me of how cool the books was. She excitedly pointed out some of the main characters listed in the front of the book. She of course squealed when she realized Magic De Spell was included in the book (her favorite villain from the Uncle Scrooge comics and DuckTales).

As she turned each page everyone in the vehicle was provided commentary on the background settings and regular updates as she found more familiar characters. I knew right away Where’s Donald? would be a hit for our family, and Paisley is looking forward to providing a review for the next podcast episode. 

IMG_5934.JPGOn our trip we were able to take the book with us to Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party, and we had Donald and Daisy sign the book! We’ve enjoyed the book immensely and P still enjoys looking over the pages for characters. Not only are there the characters identified at the front of the book to find, but there are other Disney Duck characters hidden throughout the pages. You can find a list of them in the back of the book. Here are a few notable mentions for DuckFans;

Ludwig Von Drake

Witch Hazel

Super Goof, Pluto

Pete, Mickey Mouse

José Carioca

Panchito Pistoles

Brigitte MacBridge

Miss Quackfaster

Horace Horsecollar

The Phantom Blot

and More!

The scenes are also fun with many connections and easter eggs to Donald Duck comics. These locations include Uncle Scrooge’s Money Bin, Grandma Duck’s Farm, Duck Avenger’s Den, Bear Mountain, Bullet Valley, and Gyro’s Workshop! These pages reminded me of many of my favorite Disney Duck comic book stories.

For those of you with little DuckFans who you want to further introduce to Donald Duck’s comic adventures I would say this is a must purchase. There is some reading and I did need to help Paisley with some of it, but Lexi had no problems reading the book. If you are a DuckFan without little ones this book may interest you due to the additional comic book characters that we don’t see a lot in the states, but don’t expect this children’s book to provide a lot of reading material or adventure. 


We would like to thank Phoenix International Publications for sending us copies of the book. Our children love anything with Donald Duck, and we’ve already enjoyed spending time with them searching for Donald and his friends. You can purchase your copy of Where’s Donald? from Amazon by following the link below to preorder or by visiting your local bookstore after November 5th.

Where’s Donald? A Look and Find Book at!

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