NYCC Fireman Donald Funko POP! Review

One of the hottest conventions of the year is definitely NYCC. Funko brings some of their best conventions exclusive to this event every year.

This year’s must own for Disney Duck fans is Donald Duck from Carl Bark’s Fireman Donald (1947). Fireman Donald is a Fall Convention shared exclusive with Barnes and Noble. It makes good sense that Barnes and Noble got the shared exclusive d since it is comic book related. Convention exclusive Funko POP! figures retail for $15.

This is the first non Kingdom Hearts Donald Duck Funko POP! figure that has released since the original Donald Duck figure in the first Disney wave of POP! figures in 2012.

Donald Duck has appeared as a firefighter in a few Classic Disney animated shorts, but this figure is from Carl Bark’s Fireman Donald Story first appeared in Walt Disney’s Comics and Stories #86 (November 1947). In this story, Donald Duck becomes a volunteer firefighter in Fireman Donald. He starts off in a role as the first hoseman on the ladder truck, and he gets demoted several times for being late to the fire or for making mistakes.

The Fireman Donald Funko POP! figure was released in stores and online at Barnes and Noble on October 4th. He is also available at NYCC October 3rd-6th. He is a limited release, but not a limited edition. So he will be available while supplies last.

I went to Barnes and Noble on the morning of Friday, October 4th. It is nice to know that physical Barnes and Noble stores are still around, and I am happy that there are a few still around in my area. All of the Fall Convention exclusive Funko POP! figures were on display at the front of the store.

There were 38 Donald Duck figures on that table. I went through every one of them to make sure that I found the one with this best paint job.


The Fireman Donald comes in an open window box which is great for in box collectors if that is your preference.

The box has a new Donald Duck logo which has not appeared on any previous Funko POP! figure releases. The figure is number 715 from the Disney line. Hopefully more Donald Duck figures from the animated shorts and comics are released under this logo as Mickey Mouse got quite a few Funko POP! figures to celebrate his 90th birthday.

The packaging from Barnes and Noble has a 2019 Fall Convention sticker. If you get your POP! figure from NYCC, it would come with a NYCC sticker.

Side of the box view

Back of the box view

The Figure

I hope that this is the start of more Donald Duck figures released by Funko to celebrate his greatness in film and comics like Funko did with the Mickey Mouse line of products this year. At DuckTalks, we have deep dived into the comics this year. So to see Donald in his black sailor suit from one of Carl Barks’ stories is especially satisfying. This was also a great pick for a NYCC exclusive to commemorate the NYFD. It would make a perfect gift for any firemen that you may know. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you pick up this Fireman Donald Funko POP! figure up online or in stores while it is still available. Fireman Donald can be ordered at the link below.

Order Here

Did you pick up the NYCC Fireman Donald Funko POP! figure? What other classic Donald Duck comic or Disney animated shorts would you like to see Funko tackle next? Comment below or tweet us @DuckTalks

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