Uncle Scrooge #49 By IDW Review and Preview!

Although it has been many years since new issues of Donald Duck or Uncle Scrooge have been published in the US the comics have continued almost without pause in other countries. IDW Publishing began publishing these stories in 2015 for US fans.

Leading to the publication’s landmark 50th issue the story “Under Siege” has been reprinted. The story began with issue 47. You can check out IDW’s description of the issue below.

It’s the penultimate chapter of “Under Siege” as Scrooge faces off against Magica De Spell in the buried Money Bin. While the two longtime enemies hatch a plan for escape, Donald and Fethry—with Gyro’s help—are busy aboveground trying to devise their own plan to rescue the Money Bin and restore things to normal. But when the Beagle Boys decide to launch an all-out attack on our heroes, things definitely seem to start going from bad to worse!

“Under Siege” puts Scrooge’s Money Bin front and center in the conflict. The story thrust Scrooge and Magica into a dire situation that requires they work together to escape the sinking bin, and then puts them against a common enemy.

During these events Donald and Fethry are tasked with finding a new location for Scrooge’s Money Bin (you will need to go back to the beginning of the story to learn what happened to Killmotor Hill!). On page 10 there is an Easter egg that HAS to be calling out DuckTales 2017 for their placement of the Money Bin.

As always, I enjoy the Italian style artwork and I look forward to sharing the story with my kids. If you want to introduce your children to comics and a love for Disney Ducks IDW’s Uncle Scrooge is a great place to begin. And that shouldn’t diminish the enjoyment of these books for longtime Disney Duck fans.

The comic book is available today at comic shops and of course digitally at Comixology. Check out this preview provided by IDW Publishing.

Uncle Scrooge #49 Preview from IDW Publishing!

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