Young Donald Duck Book Coming in November

In June Donald Duck will be celebrating his 85th birthday. I don’t expect Donald to get as much fanfare as Mickey Mouse is getting for his 90th, but today we get our first glimpse of a product that mentions celebrating his 85th in the product description.

On November 26th, IDW will be releasing a book called Young Donald. This book was originally scheduled to be released on October 8th.

Original Cover

New Cover

Product Description from its Amazon listing:

Product description

Celebrate Donald’s 85th anniversary with this eight-part story focusing on his early years! 

Life at the farm is not easy, especially when you are twelve years old and you really can’t stand life getting in the way of YOUR life! But all of a sudden, Donald finds himself thrown into a new one that might be much better when he moves to the big city to attend a fancy school with lots of new kids to become friends with. However, things are actually not as easy as they seem. Donald will fall in love, deal with new teachers, homework, assorted crazy adventures, and realize that growing up is really difficult, especially when you are really only a kid!

About the Author

Francesco Artibani is an Italian cartoonist, known for his collaboration as a screenwriter at Disney Italy on Topolino, Paperinik New Adventures, MMMM and WITCH as well as for the co-creation of Monster Allergy and Kylion.

This book can be preordered at the link below:

Young Donald Duck

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What do you think of the character designs for Young Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, and Goofy from the cover of this book? Let us know by tweeting us @DuckTalks.

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