DT17 – Will There be a Season 4?

Just over a year ago, on September 21st, 2018, Disney Channel announced the DuckTales reboot had been renewed for a third season. Now that the Season 2 finale has aired, fans are eagerly awaiting the premiere date of Season 3, as well as wondering if Disney Channel will pick up the show for a fourth season.

While Disney Channel has not made any official announcements, there have been a few social media posts by the crew – particularly on Tumblr – that may indicate a fourth season is in the works.

Again, this is all speculative, and Disney Channel has not officially announced anything.

The first hint came on August 26th, 2019, when Co-Producer and Story Editor Frank Angones answered a fan’s question on Tumblr:

Season 3 would have been written long before last month – in fact, the cast would have recorded their lines for Season 3 last year. This seems to indicate Frank was working on a Season 4 episode that morning – that, or he was writing an email or a fan fiction. It isn’t unlikely, however, that he meant he was writing an episode, given the fan’s question.

The other hint came this morning when one of the animators redrew one of their old pieces of fan art and said:

You can view the art on their Tumblr here: khionyohann

I noticed the plural “seasons,” immediately, so I went straight to Google and searched for the official Season 4 announcement.

There wasn’t one.

I reblogged the post, adding, “‘Seasons?’ Plural? :D” and tonight, the animator tagged me in a comment to reply, saying:

It isn’t entirely clear whether the animator slipped up and revealed too much, or if they were posting as a fan hoping for a fourth season like the rest of us. Time will tell!


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