Kingdom Consoles and I Heart Gaming Disney Pin Series Releases Announced for the Rest of the Year

This weekend is the Disney Fairy Tails pin event at Walt Disney World. Make sure to check out the Disney Pins Blog and @DisneyPinsBlog for the latest info. Thanks to a video shot by Disney Pins Blog, we now know the rest of the Kingdom Consoles and I Heart Gaming releases for the rest of the year. You can see the video here.


Kingdom Consoles – Goof Troop

I Heart Gaming – TaleSpin


Kingdom Consoles – DuckTales

I Heart Gaming – DuckTales


Kingdom Consoles – Fantasia

I Heart Gaming – Toy Story


Kingdom Consoles – Jungle Book

I Heart Gaming – Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers


Kingdom Consoles – Beauty and the Beast

I Heart Gaming – Disney’s Adventures of the Gummi Bears

Which releases are you most excited for? September with a double dose of DuckTales sounds great.

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