Season 2 Episodes 16 & 17 Titles and Description On Google!

We check Google and other sources periodically for possible episode information and we hit paydirt this morning! Google has two new episode titles and one description for upcoming episodes of DuckTales.

First observation, the episode appear to be daily. Looks like we MAY be seeing another episode dump to the season two finale. We’ve started to speculate this may happen, and that season three may begin this coming October.

Observation two, episode 17 may air before episode 16. This isn’t uncommon for DuckTales. We know of a previous airing change this season that was done for pacing reasons. With the summer hiatus, maybe this is happening again?

Although we do not have a description for the Killmotor Hill episode it seems safe to speculate it will be the dream episode we’ve been seeing in teasers and clips for some time now, and we believe this same episode will have Magica De Spell in it.

We’ve also seen clips from the Doofus Drake episode, and we knew Goldie would return for it.

These releases are not official and we most likely will not get confirmation until late August when the September Highlights are released by the Disney Channel. As information begins to show up online we will continue to pass it along.

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  1. The anime-esque scenes from the trailers are Huey and Della playing an online game. Wow! 10 years away, and Della gets with the times fast!

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