Info Online For DuckTales S2 Post Hiatus (Debunked Rumors)!


I will save you some time. Frank Angones, Co-Producer Of DuckTales has responded on Twitter that these rumors are not true. We have deleted the Twitter Poll associated with this blog, but the blog will remain here so as to keep from creating more confusion. Keep reading only if you want to read my ramblings about things that aren’t true. 🤣

It’s July! And you know what that mean, only two months (and a few short days) until we get new episodes of DuckTales. Yeah, we know… that seems like forever at the moment, but the good news is that info on upcoming episode may be finding it’s way online.

*Warning* If true, this could get spoilery!

The information was shared with us online in conversations by a couple of sources, but it was a tweet from user @AmphibiaCrew that perked our ears a little. Now, we’ve learned the hard way that you cannot believe everything that you read on IMDb. The information is sometimes inaccurate and any info we report on from it should be considered rumor. But here is what @AmphibiaCrew sent us.

At first glance at the episode listings on IMDb you may miss the important information that has been “leaked,” but our poster was kind enough to point them out.

1. Episode 17 has a July premier!

We do not know the validity of this claim. The first time I hear this rumor I rejected it because of the Disney Channel promo stating the show would return in September, but is it possible we get a single episode in July!?

It wouldn’t be the first time. If you remember in season one DuckTales aired one new episode in December, “The Impossible Summit Of Mt. Neverrest!” This episode was important to the show’s introduction of the individual triplets, but it had been held for December because it had snow in it.

It’s possible, but why would a single new episode air in July? Answer: San Diego Comic-Con. We know that SDCC has some surprises for DuckTales fans. We are speculating big news from the convention. Frank and crew have been hyping it for over a week now. Could a new episode be planned to help emphasize the importance of the convention?

Or… could it be that the audience at SDCC will be treated to a premiere of a new episode!? Of course this would be great for fans of the show at the convention… but absolutely painful for the thousands of us who would miss out. Anyone have tickets for sale?

It’s possible we get a single episode premiere in July… but I’m still not convinced on this one based on the previous promo.

2. Episode Description for episode 18!

I’m just going to jump right to it.

Violet shows Webby, Lena, and the triplets around the school she goes to. Things might not go as planned though!

I’ve been anticipating a story about the kids at school since the show’s premiere. Sure, maybe Donald homeschooled, but I assumed the boys went to public school… at least they did before moving into McDuck Manor. Here we are halfway through season 2 and no mention of school for any of the children. I will assume this episode will solidly the theory that they are homeschooled at the mansion.

If the description is correct, those of us who enjoy stories with all of the series kids can look forward to this episode. Does anyone else anticipate this being the “dream” episode we saw in an earlier preview?

3. Episode 25 Cast list!

Episode 25 will be season 2’s finale so we should be expecting most of the characters to show up and for things to become epic. If the cast list is correct for this episode we can assume a few things…

Notice that Julie Brown (the voice of Penumbra) is listed in the episode as is Lunaris (Lance Reddick) and Gibbous (Rob Paulson). It’s safe to say the Moonlanders will feature in the season finale.

Chris Diamantopoulos is listed for his Drake Mallard. We’ve anticipated more DW this season and this listing (if true) would confirm that.

The only other voice on this list who isn’t a regular is April Winchell Who is credited as playing “Zenith / Spear Computer. April is the official voice of Clarabelle Cow at Disney Studios, and was the voice of Black Heron from “The Confidential Casefiles Of Agent 22!” At first I assumed it was the voice of the Spear of Selene computer, but we never heard a voice during Della’s time on the moon. It looks like the computer will be associated with the Moonlanders.

Well, that’s it for the rumors. What do you think? True or hogwash? Join the conversation below in the comments or on Twitter.


  1. Someone asked Frank on Tumblr last year (6/25/18) if the kids go to school, and he said, “Beakley and Webby homeschool them.” It’s so cute he listed Webby as one of the boys’ homeschool teachers… I guess she keeps them on track with their lessons while they’re traveling. Makes sense with a few lines from the beginning and end of “Sky Pirates… in the Sky!”
    Oh my gosh, I bet Webby would LOVE to see a public or private school! That’s gonna be adorable.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. It sounds like most of this is accurate. We already knew the moon people would make an reappearance. The school episode is essentially implied in the promo if you watch closely (the scene where Dewey is with the look-alike mascot looks to take place in a school). The July episode seems more hopeful than accurate. Too bad 😦


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