Scrooge McDuck Funko POP Entertainment Earth Exclusive Figure Review

In 2017, Funko released the first series of classic DuckTales Funko POP figures that included a lineup of Scrooge McDuck, Huey, Dewey, Louie, and Webby VanderQuack. Then there were the exclusives. GameStop had an exclusive Magica De Spell figure. Hot Topic had an exclusive Scrooge McDuck Swimming in Money exclusive figure. In 2018, Target had an exclusive Gizmoduck figure and a 10 inch version of Scrooge McDuck Swimming in Money figure. The world was a wonderful place with DuckTales Funko POPs in it.

There has been no DuckTales 2017 Funko products released….until now.

Entertainment Earth debuted an exclusive Scrooge McDuck Funko POP variant figure that features Scrooge in his classic red coat from the comics and DuckTales 2017. The box art also went from classic 1987 art to the new DuckTales 2017 art and logo.

The Entertainment Earth exclusive figure retailed for $13.99. After shipping, this Funko POP cost right around $20. Not a cheap Funko POP. It did recently sell out on Enterainment Earth’s website.

My Scrooge McDuck figure that I initially preordered in May was delivered yesterday. Let’s take a look at the figure that is tougher than the toughies and smarter than the smarties red coat edition.

The Box Art

As you can see, the box art is designed to the DuckTales 2017 version of the show.

Here is a box art comparison with the previously released classic DuckTales Scrooge McDuck with blue coat.

The Figure

Here is a side by side comparison photo of the two Scrooge McDuck DuckTales Funko POPs.

Even though it is just a repaint of the previously released figures, I definitely feel like each figure is worthy of owning. Having a Scrooge McDuck Funko POP figure to represent the Carl Barks comics look with a red coat as well as DuckTales 2017 is such a great addition to the series. There are quite a lot of fans that prefer Scrooge’s iconic red coat look. The new DuckTales 2017 box art definitely gives me the feels that additional figures from the DuckTales 2017 version of the show could be possibility added to the Funko POP series of figures down the line. I want them all!

What do you think of this new red coat version of Scrooge McDuck in POP figure form? Do you prefer the blue or red version or both? Comment below or tweet us @DuckTalks

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