Duckburg’s Top 10 Most Dangerous


With the Hiatus upon us, our Ducktalks staff have have compiled a list of the Duckburg’s Top 10 Most Dangerous characters the show has featured so far. They range from the reoccurring villains to villains we would love to see more of.

1. Magica De Spell


While Magica only fully appeared in the season 1 finale, she was a growing threat throughout season 1. The culmination of this threat brought on the shadow war on Duckburg. Magica has shown to be the most powerful Duck to come to Duckburg. She carries a staff with a Sumerian medal which amplifies her powers which is in the possession of Violet Sabrewing. She has the powers of Levitation, Telekinesis, and the ability to take control of others. Currently her location is unknown, but we believe she will appear again after gaining more power to defeat Scrooge.

2. Flintheart Glomgold


It is no secret that the DuckTalks staff LOVE Glomgold. Glomgold comes with insane schemes to take down Scrooge McDuck and fails every time. While this may not seem dangerous at first, Glomgold will stop at nothing to get his revenge on Scrooge. We learn from an early age that Glomgold resents Scrooge because he wanted to give him a dime for shining his shoes. Glomgold become the second richest duck in Duckburg just to rival Scrooge. This is why Glomgold is one of the most dangerous rivals on the show.

3. General Lunaris


We have just been introduced to General Lunaris with the storyline of Della Duck. On our first meeting of Lunaris, it seems he a friendly moonlander who brings Della to his hidden city of gold. He encourages her to make friends with fellow moonlanders and to build a ship to Earth. When Della is forced to leave early to earth, Lunaris talks Della into giving him the instructions to make rockeships to Earth so they can see the planet. Once Della leaves he shoots himself to make it look like he had been attacked by Della. We find out that Lunaris has planned all along to trick to moonlanders into thinking earth wants to destroy them and to attack first. Its no telling how dangerous he will become to Duckburg.

4. Mark Beaks


Mark Beaks is the villain we all love to hate. He seems to hit the nerve between annoying to over the top narcissist. We first meet him trying to fake his way to the top by hiring someone to steal his “secret project” which ended up being literally nothing. As this character has grown, we see he becomes obsessed with outdoing Scrooge and becoming more popular than Gizmoduck. Beaks will stop at nothing to end out on top. His obsession with taking over Gizmoduck has led him to stealing the armor and drinking nano-tech into his body to transform himself into “Mega-beaks”. It is no telling how far Mark Beaks will stoop to be the next trend setter.

5. Jim Starling / NegaDuck


Jim Starling is the actor who played Darkwing Duck. His show was cancelled and the Jim has become a washed up actor. When Launchpad goes to get an autograph we learn that a Darkwing Duck movie is in the works without the original actor Jim Starling. Jim and Launchpad try to break onto the movie set and replace the actor with Jim Starling. The actor playing Darkwing (Drake Mallard) is a huge fan of Jim and wants him to be apart of the movie. Unfortunately, Jim become obsessed with being the one and only Darkwing that he completely changes and is consumed by his greed. He begins to destroy the movie set and it is up to Launchpad and Drake Mallard to stop him. The fight ends with Jim saving Launchpad from falling debris. Everyone believes Jim Starling to be dead but we learn he survives … to become something much darker … Negaduck! Negaduck from the original series was quite evil, so time will tell how dangerous he will be for Duckburg.

6. Ma Beagle and the Beagle Boys


Ma Beagle and her gang, the Beagle Boys, often are after Scrooge’s money. She operates her gang at the junk yard with her many beagle sons. Ma Beagle holds a grudge against Scrooge because he swindled the deed to Duckburg away from her grandfather. The beagle boys have been known to kidnap, steal, and follow everyone one of Ma Beagles commands to maker her happy. It is safe to say that they are always lurking in the shadows ready to take advantage of the situation.

7. Captain Don Karnage


Leader of a band of villainous Air Pirates, Don Karnage makes his debut in the skies of Cape Suzette. This singing pirate captain preys on the unsuspecting ships flying in the sights. From episode we have seen of Don Karnage, we know he will stop at nothing to be the Captain of his crew and to steal treasure from others. This is why we believe him to be a future threat to any of Duckburgs finest explorers.

8. Doofus Drake


Doofus Drake is portrayed as a spoiled wealthy deranged neighbor for Scrooge McDuck. His grandmother left him a fortune upon her death and has be given the power to tell his parents what to do. He has no problems with spending large amounts of money on something he will use one and dispose of, nor does he care about destroying valuable items he has procured over time. Doofus’ unstable characteristics make him a danger to himself and others as he lives to make himself happy in the moment. It is no telling what he will do to have a good time at the expense of everyone around him.

9. Black Heron

We first meet Black Heron as a spy in the 1960’s for the evil organization F.O.W.L. She was attempting to procure the recipe for Gummi Bear Juice. Although she managed to get her hands on the recipe, she was stopped by Agent 22 (Mrs. Beakley)  and her partner, freelance agent Scrooge McDuck, and she lost her right arm in the incident. 50 years later she emerges once again to kidnap Mrs. Beakley to have her revenge and get the recipe for the potion. Scrooge and Webby defeat her once more only to have her leave her arm mechanical arm behind and fall to her apparent death … or did she? Black Heron may have escaped this encounter and show up in a future episode to have her revenge again Mrs. Beakley.

10. Toad Liu Hai


Toad Liu Hai, known as a luck vampire, captured Gladstone and was feeding off his luck. After tricking Toad Liu Hai into trading Gladstone for Donald Duck, the vampire was starving for luck and was banished to another dimension. Will this be the last of Toad Liu Hai? We have seen Gladstone in a few episodes which could mean a return of the infamous luck vampire.

Honorable mentions: Black Arts Beagle


Nik Nokturne, aka Black Arts Beagle, works as a stage magician. We first see him as the magician at Scrooge’s Birthday Party. Black Arts Beagle was to make Scrooge Disappear while Ma Beagle would steal the deed to Duckburg. He summons a demon to help him but unknowingly summons the ghost of Duckworth. Black Arts Beagle is one of our favorite Beagle Boys and he needed to make the list as he is the only Beagle Boy to possess powers. We certainly hope to see more of him in the future!

This concludes our top Duckburg’s Top 10 Most Dangerous Villains. What do you think of our list? Join the conversation below in the comments or on Twitter and Tumblr!

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