DuckTales Returns To IDW Comics In August!

Good news for fans of the IDW DuckTales comic! The book will return in August… we’ll sort of.
IDW’s DuckTales has been missing from their monthly releases since April’s issue #20. We were surprised to find that the show would return for a mega event in May, but the comic would be absent from the comic racks. When the comic was also missing from June and July’s release schedule we became alarmed.
IDW remained silent in the matter, and even our friends involved were not able to provide much news. All we knew was that series writer Joe Caramagna was still turning in scripts. I spent some time looking over the sales numbers for DuckTales and I was honestly impressed with how the series was doing. Of course with 19 issues in at the time the book had lost some readers but it certainly was not struggling enough to be cancelled.
There were however several stories out at the time about IDW’s own troubles, and that had me worried that a lucrative license may be worth selling (I’m of course assuming that is possible).
But a few months later and we can now rest easily knowing our favorite family of ducks will be gracing the pages of a new mini-series published by IDW titled; DuckTales: Silence and Science. IDW has included the first issues description at

DuckTales: Silence and Science (1 of 3)

(W) Steve Behling (A) Luca Usai, Ciro Cangialosi, Gianfranco Florio (CA) Marco Ghiglione 

All Donald Duck wants to do is take a nice, long, uninterrupted nap, but there are too many distractions and just too much noise at McDuck Manor for him to do so. But then Donald remembers a magical artifact that cancels out all noise! Once he uses it, he can finally take a nap. There’s only one problem: it’s not only silent in McDuck Manor-it’s silent all over the world! Will anyone be able to talk ever again? Discover for yourself in “Silence is Golden”!

The first of two brand-new miniseries wrapping up the DuckTales comics for 2019!

In Shops: Aug 14, 2019

SRP: $3.99

I think it is interesting that the description is for the single issue only, and that we do not know anything about the mini-series over arching storyline (if it has one). It almost appears as if it’s business as usually for the series… but with a new numbering system. The description does point out that we will be getting two additional mini-series this year. If they keep the three issue format, does that mean the releases will overlap?

I’ve enjoyed Behling’s stories as well as Joe’s. I’m very interested in seeing what will happen with this mini-series and those after it. From the description I’m guessing this first story is the silence and the next story is the science… but what is the third story?

This could totally be the case. I’ve been talking about it over the past few months in blogs and on the podcast (including the next episode of the podcast). The comic book market is a difficult one to market too. Comics are sold in specialized stores with little to no advertising. Even the distribution model for comics hinders their appeal to new audiences. Because of this, every book released each month is practically competing for the same dollars as every other release.

In this model it is difficult for a long running title to keep its “slice of the pie” without a gimmick, or an event, or a shake up. Maybe that’s what this summer has been about. Maybe they decided to take the book off the shelves long enough to build additional interest? We’ve been on social media bringing attention to the book’s absence when asking for more. Add to that the renumbering with a “mini-series.” These are two strategies that seem to work for other books.

Whatever the reasoning behind these changes we are glad to see the comic returning. We love Disney Duck comics old and new, and hope to see these characters on our comic stands for years to come. For that to happen we need to continue to spread the word that this book is available. Unfortunately, the Disney Channel isn’t going to run commercials for IDW’s comic. We aren’t going to see adds outside of IDW other Disney comics. It’s up to me and you to get the word out.

It’s one of our personal missions at DuckTalks to pass it down. We grew up reading comics and we would have loved to have enjoyed Don Rosa and Carl Bark’s when we were kids. That’s why you see us talk about IDW’s comics and that why we will continue to review them and share them with you. Hopefully, you are enjoying them too. And hopefully you are sharing them. Comics make great gifts and great rewards. Who doesn’t want their kids reading? If you know a young reader introduce them to these fabulous books and help secure their place on the comic rack.

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