DuckTales Cribs: Drake Mallard Edition!

We are still reeling from the nine latest episodes of DuckTales that aired over the past two weeks. Each of the episodes made it into our lists of great episodes and storylines. Of course there was one episode that satisfied our DuckNostalgia more than any other.

“The Duck Knight Returns!” changed the way we look at DuckTales 2017’s storyline for Darkwing Duck. There are so many things that we can’t wait to talk about when it comes to this episode, but before we get to that let’s take a look at Drake Mallard’s dressing room on the set of “Darkwing Duck.”

Drake has a fairly sensible trailer when you consider that he is a star of McDuck Studios first ever big-budget action movie. We know the trailer has a sunlight that really seems to provide Drake with the perfect setting to practice his lines. Over all the trailer is very dark, but the sunlight provides a spotlight for the Star to practice his Darkwing intros.

The sensible trailer is reasonably furnished to meet Drake’s needs. There are end tables with lamps to help him read the script… Although Alister had to remove the bulbs when the budget became tight. The trailer also has a very stylish couch that may have come from a yard sale, but it does provide Drake a place to kick up how feet and maybe rest between action sequences.

When Drake first attacks LP he is thrown into the trailer’s modest bathroom. We do not see enough of the bathroom to know if it had a shower, but we did see that it has a purple bar of soap!

And lots of toilet paper…

Ok, that covers the trailer itself. Now let’s take a look at how Drake has accented the space to make it his home away from home.

Drake is an avid Darkwing collector as can be observed from the placement of his Darkwing Adventures collection. The collection is stored in the middle of his trailer’s floor where it is easily accessible from the couch. The magazine’s font should look familiar to Disney fans from the 90s. Disney Adventures was a magazine published by Disney from 1990-2007. Darkwing Duck was no stranger to the cover of this magazine.

One of the items accenting the interior of Drake’s trailer is a vintage Darkwing Duck Grim-Avenger Grape shampoo bottle. No idea if this collectors item was still sealed with the Dangerously Grape scented shampoo. I do not remember DW having a bottle of shampoo like this, but they were all the rage in the 90s.

You may have noticed that Drake covered the walls of his trailer with Darkwing posters, and many of those posters may have been familiar to DW fans. The one behind Drake in this image is a rare one, for sure. Darkwing Duck received a line of action figures in the 90s and a second series of figures were planned but never released, and Production and advertising images exist of this series. The first series included the Ratcatcher and the Thunderquack. The second wave was going to include a one-man helicopter called the Quack Copter for DW to get the jump on criminals.

Looking at the rest of the posters you may notice a few more that are familiar. In this image the poster to the far right is from a promotion with Pizza Hut. I remember owning this poster as a kid, and I remember the case file that it came in.

In that same image you can see Drake’s Thunderquack Toy/model. This merchandise was also available in the first wave of Darkwing Duck action figures.

One of Drake’s most prized DW collectibles is a hyper-rare Battle Hat Darkwing Action Figure. These were rare because they caused a blinding hazard to kids. Of course this action figure does somewhat spoof the original DW action figure that had a spinning hat gimmick. The hat would spin and fly off, and most kids never found the hat again.

Drake’s makeup vanity appears to be accented by a purple upholstered chair, a stylish Darkwing Duck mug, his childhood Darkwing Duck lunchbox, a rare, vintage Darkwing Duck hair brush and a collectible Darkwing figure. The iron may or may not be a DW collectible…

opposite of the bathroom we see that Drake has decorated the room with many comic book boxes. No doubt containing additional DW series and maybe even other comics from the Disney Afternoon. The poster on this wall may be one of my favorites, but then another item caught my eye! There is a copy of a Darkwing Duck comic book hanging on the wall that looks like issue #1 of the Boom! Studio’s Darkwing series. This series kicked off with the storyline “The Duck Knight Returns.” This cover was created by one of our favorite Disney comic artists James Silvani.

Next to the comics we see Drake’s entertainment center where he watches his Darkwing Duck DVDs for inspiration (still hoping for a future Blu-Ray release). Near the TV Drake has positioned a Darkwing Duck tumbler with signature DW hat/lid. The tumbler adds some DW color to an otherwise normal area of the trailer.

Also on the entertainment center we see signs that our boy Drake is a gamer. We cannot see what cartridge is in the retro video game system, but is there any doubt?

The room also includes items we haven’t seen before and would love to get our hands on. I would be surprised if there aren’t Etsy stores with “Keep Calm / Dangerous” pillows already for sale. And who wouldn’t want a Giant Darkwing Duck Plush to take up space in the corner of their Darkwing Duck room!?

Well, that’s our tour of Drake Mallard’s movie trailer. There are other items that seem familiar and may be from products we’ve seen in the past. Have you noticed one that we missed? Join the conversation below in the comments or on Twitter and Tumblr!


  1. Huh…I never lost DW’s spinning hat. When you pressed the button, it popped up and spun, but was still attached to his head. You could take it off, sure, but it didn’t go flying!


    • I missed out on the DW action figures, and I haven’t bought any online… yet. I have long read that people lost their hats. I assumed it was because the hat came off during the action. Thanks for letting me know!


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