The Candy-Striped Ruby

Here at DuckTalks, we are strong advocates of the Disney Duck comics from Carl Barks and Don Rosa. We would love to see more people that enjoy the new DuckTales show get into the source material comics that helped to inspire the show.

In episode 208 of DuckTales, Treasure of the Found Lamp, we see that Scrooge McDuck opens up a wing of the Duckburg Museum that is dedicated to artifacts from his greatest adventures.

One of the artifacts from the collection is pointed out to be the Candy-Striped Ruby.

To find out where Scrooge obtained this ruby, you would need to read Uncle Scrooge #295 The Empire-Builder from Calisota by Don Rosa. This comic is also chapter 11 of The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck. This comic is collected in Fantagraphics’ The Don Rosa Library Vol. 5 and The Complete Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck Vol. 1.

Scrooge McDuck originally purchased the Candy-Striped Ruby from Czar Nicholas II.

Buyers wanted to purchase the ruby from Scrooge, but he decided to hold onto it for an investment. The Candy-Striped Ruby even survived the Titantic sinking. Scrooge considered the Candy-Striped Ruby to be his most prized possession, after his number one dime of course. He finally gave up the Ruby to the Chief of Rippan Taro in exchange for the local witch doctor to take a curse off of Scrooge where the Bombie Zombie would no longer follow him around for eternity until a cursed voodoo doll was delivered to Scrooge.

In a 1963 comic by Carl Barks titled The Status Seeker, Scrooge is able to get the Candy-Striped Ruby back from the Chief of Rippan Taro. Having the Candy-Striped Ruby in his possession gives him the ultimate status at all of the millionaire clubs.

The Candy-Striped Ruby also makes appearances in two of the Kaboom DuckTales stories, Ruby or Not Ruby? and No Refunds, No Returns.

So as you can see, reading the comics greatly expands on what you see and pick up in the content from the new DuckTales show.

If you are interesting in reading the whole story of The Empire-Builder from Calisota, we highly recommend that you pickup Don Rosa’s The Complete Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck Vol. 1 published by Fantagraphics.

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