DuckTales on Amazon’s Alexa

Sorry, this was the best picture I could get of the app!

Smart speakers, you know those things that listen and spy on you! Well in my household, we have them in virtually all of our rooms in our house, including the baby’s room! Disney just announced on their Twitter that they updated two of their Alexa app skills to include DuckTales!

What are Disney Dailies and Disney Plot Twists?

Disney Dailies is an app skill where each day there’ll be a fact (as they relate it to a Disney character like Baloo or Simba), a joke (usually told by Mickey or Minnie), and story. Currently the stories are about our friends from DuckTales as Alexa will ask you, “Do you want to hear what’s up with the DuckTales crew?” The voices are the original voice actors from the current TV show as most of the dialogue is lifted from the show (some are new to tie it in a short story segment or give a more descriptive scenario). Each day the story is different so you want to come back each day to see what happens.

To use the app simply say “Alexa, open Disney Dailies”. Then ask Alexa “What’s going on in Duckberg today?”

The Disney Plot Twists app is almost kinda like a Choose Your Adventure book and Mad Libs activity, where you’ll hear a story, then at one point the characters will give you a choice of 3 options to choose from (You have to say the exact phrase or else they’ll repeat the options again) and then the second half of the story will depend on the choices you made. These stories also updated daily, but this app do encourage kids to open it more than once a day to hear the different options they could’ve chosen.

To use the app simply say “Alexa, open Disney Plot Twists”.

Below you can watch/listen both apps in action:

How to activate these skills?

Currently, these 2 Disney skills is only available on Amazon’s FreeTime Unlimited subscription. To subscribe to the service you can either sign up from Amazon for $3 or $5 a month (depending if you are an Amazon Prime subscriber) or purchase a Kids Echo Dot (which is how we got the service).

Is it worth it if you are a huge DuckTales fan?

Honestly, no. It’s fun to have and FreeTime Unlimited is great for parents and kids to have (we play instrumental lullaby songs for our son to fall asleep to every night). But if you plan to get the service just for the DuckTales skills, you will be very disappointed. But if your child already have the service for reading and games, be sure to check it and have him or her try it out and enjoy the fun!

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