Even More New DuckTales In May!

It’s been a busy day today for the Duck Community. The Disney Channel’s May Highlights were released today and there were more episodes on the release than had been in the recent rumors. I’ve wondered over the past few months how solid those lists were before the Highlights were officially released, but after today we know the schedule for DuckTales may even change after the list is released!

After we had all spent a few hours celebrating the plethora of new DuckTales episodes coming this May Frank Angones, the Co-Producer Of DuckTales, answered everyone’s favorite Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Fan (sorry Jason), @HolyMangos when she commented on the seven episodes:

More!? Doozies!? What’cha talkin’ bout Frank!?

On review of the Disney Channel’s Media page you can see they have listed the episodes in their production order (we know from a previous Tumblr post by Frank that there was an episode release change), and a few episodes are mysteriously missing…

You probably noticed that episode 10 is not listed and the list ends with 15. If new episodes of DuckTales air every week day from May 7th through the 17th we would see episode 16 air that week… This is just a guess.

Episode 16 had previously been identified as a Launchpad centric episode by Frank Angones on Tumblr. This could be a great episode following one of Launchpad’s adventures or maybe he Gets Dangerous in St. Canard!?

Episode 10 could be anything, but we know one thing. It’s a doozy and they didn’t share the title… We could see the return of Lena, or maybe it’s the return of Goldie… could they be trying to sneak in a new reintroduced character? Oh! Maybe it’s an important Della episode!?

What do you think? Who or what do you hope to see in episode 10? Do you have thoughts on the next Launchpad episode? Pin the conversation below in the comments or @DuckTalks on Twitter or Tumblr.

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