DuckTales New Episode Title Revealed?!

Reddit users are great at finding information not commonly found on the web. Recently a Reddit user found a Disney copyright claim that may have revealed the title for the next episode of DuckTales!

“Friendship Hates Magic!”

Check out the thread here:

Immediately the title makes me think of Webby and Lena. We’ve been waiting patiently through season two for any indication that Webby is looking for Lena. When the season began it appeared Webby had moved on and her bond with Dewey had grown, maybe as a result of her loss (“Teamwork makes the dream work!”). Judging by this title I bet we get the continuation of that story that may have began with the season one finale “Shadow War.”

If you’ve missed the season one finale (STOP reading and go watch it!) it was revealed in the episode that Lena was actually Magica’s sentient shadow sent to spy on the McDuck family. By the end of Magica’s conquest, Lena turned on her to save Webby. Lena appeared to pay the ultimate price, but at the end of the episode we were teased as Webby’s shadow was revealed to be Lena.

Ever since the most recent promo (blog still in the works… moving atm) we, and many of you, have been speculating that Webby may summon a shadow monster as she tries to reach out to her lost friend.

We can’t wait for DuckTales to return in May! Not sure what date, but we are almost there and it looks like the show will return with a storyline that we have all be patiently waiting for.

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