DuckTales Comic Trade Paperback Vol. 6: Mischief and Miscreants

DuckTales Comic Trade Paperback which will collect issues #15-17 will be released on November 19, 2019.

The book can be preordered at the following link:

DuckTales Vol. 6: Mischief and Miscreants

DuckTales # 15

Join us for a special two-part tale of mystery, mayhem, and technological terror as we present “The Greatest Invention He’s Never Had” Parts 1 and 2! It’s 20 pulse-pounding pages of action and suspense as Scrooge and company must deal with one of Gyro Gearloose’s unstable inventions after things (unsurprisingly) get out of hand!

DuckTales #16

Webby Vanderquack has a big problem: She’s shrinking right before everyone’s eyes! Find out why—and how—in the action-packed two-part tale, “The Incredible Shrinking Webby!”

DuckTales #17

Uncle Scrooge finds himself “Marooned in Mystery Mansion” in this special two-part story! Can Mrs. Beakley save the day before things get out of hand?!

Previous DuckTales Trade Paperback Volumes:

DuckTales Vol. 1: Treasure Trove (0-2)

DuckTales Vol. 2: Mysteries and Mallards (3-5)

DuckTales Vol. 3: Quests and Quacks (6-8)

DuckTales Vol. 4: Fowl Play (9-11)

DuckTales Vol. 5: Monsters and Mayhem (12-14) (7/16/19)

*By purchasing from through this link above you are supporting DuckTalks at no additional cost to yourself!

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