No New DuckTales On The Schedule For March 23!

We’ve already blogged that DuckTales only had the one episode (“What Ever Happened To Della Duck?!” Saturday 8am on the Disney Channel) on the Highlights and that there was no episode scheduled for the following Saturday (March 16th), but we’ve been watching the calendar to see if there would be any change.

Saturday March 23rd has been added to the calendar and there is no new DuckTales. Any guess as to when the show will return is only speculation at this point, but many of us agree that “Everyday in May!” was a success and something the Disney Channel may choose to recreate this year.

On March 23rd the Disney Channel will be re-airing “Daytrip of Doom!” And “The Great Dime Chase!”

Hopefully we learn when the show will return soon (It makes it easier to plan programming for a fan podcast), and we will try to keep you updated when things happen.

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