New DuckTales’ “Whatever Happened To Della Duck?!” Promo On Disney Channel!

He’s at it again! Our favorite quick-draw promo recorder, YouTuber Darius Bell, has captured the latest DuckTales promo from the channel for DuckFan on the internet.

*Update we are leaving Darius’s version because he had the first we found, but here is a better quality video.

This promo makes the next episode seem even more awesome! There are some clips from past episodes to set some context for those who maybe haven’t been following along with Della’s story.

These promos typically show up online the Friday before the new episode airs, but Darius and other typically get a recording from a mobile device/camera and load it as soon as they begin airing.

DuckTales returns to the Disney Channel Saturday, March 9th at 8am.

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