Kingdom Hearts III Bring Arts Exclusive Toy Story Ver. Figure Review

Kingdom Hearts III is finally here! While there were different options on how to purchase this game, Square Enix offered the ultimate bundle where you can get the Limited Deluxe Version of this game and an exclusive 3 figure set of Sora, Donald, and Goofy featured from the Toy Box world based from the Toy Story franchise.

Not only is Square Enix a well known Japanese video game company, but they also have their own merchandising line where they create very high quality (and expensive) action figures. Their biggest and best figures are the Play Arts line where the quality is top notch and you can have the figures go into poses where your imagination can lead you. Square Enix also has the Bring Arts line were these figures are smaller, but quality is still high. These figures are comparable to Bandai’s Figuarts line for size and quality. I collect many figures straight from Japan and I was more than excited when this preorder was available, that I canceled my then 4-year-old Amazon preorder to get this bundle instead.


I was shocked to see the box was separate from the game. I had feared that the package would be a part of the game making it awkward to store the game and figures. I like that it was 2 separate packages, and the tray slides out nice without comprising the box itself. All 3 half pints can be seen through the window, including all of their accessories. The box itself is mostly Japanese with the titles and characters written in English. The back features some great poses that the figures can do and really great Toy Story inspired backdrops.


We’ll start with the main character Sora. He is the only figure to come with an alternate head. He also comes with a total of 5 hands, 2 closed fists, 2 open palms, and 1 right hand grip. He also comes with the Favorite Deputy Keyblade.

The Keyblade itself is very well detailed. And he can only hold it in his right hand as that is the only hand to have a grip. If you watched my unboxing video (which will be linked at the end of this review) you will see I struggled to get Sora to hold his Keyblade. That was because, I didn’t read the instructions where I learned that the handle comes apart, so you can slide it in his grip hand and reconnect it.

Sora has great articulation. He also has two different heads, one for a more serious tone and the other for a happier, lighter tone as Sora smiles. Both can be used for great poses.


Here is our smallest figure, Donald. He also comes with a total of 5 hands, 2 open palms, 2 closed fists, and 1 right hand grip. He also comes with his starting weapon in all 3 Kingdom Hearts games, the Mage’s Staff.

Just like Sora’s Keyblade, Donald’s staff comes apart, so you can slide it into his right hand. Again, I learned this AFTER my unboxing, where I struggled. Also, the ball joints in his feet were pretty loose causing his feet to fall off a lot. Due to his size, he is the hardest to pose out of the 3.


Like Donald and Sora, Goofy also comes with 5 hands: 2 open palms, 2 closed fists, and 1 right hand grip. He also comes with his starting weapon in the game, the Knight’s Shield.

Guess what?! I didn’t struggle with Goofy’s weapon as it was really straight forward to place in his grip hand. Goofy has extra points of articulation from the others, as he can pose his ears and even has hinges towards the bottom of the lobes.

Figure Stands

Something else that is included in this set are 3 figure stands, one for each figure. The base is the heart symbol that represents Kingdom Hearts, while it also comes with a 3 segmented support beam and 2 different styles for the grip. One is more loose and circular grip, meant to just support the figure as it stands on the base. The other is more oval and stiffer if you want the figure to be jumping and a really cool running stance.

Final Thoughts

The three half pints unite!

These 3 figures look incredible. And one neat detail about them is they have grey plastic notches to represent screws (even on the bottom of their feet). I wish Donald and Goofy also had alternative heads to show off their more serious battle faces to match better with their weapons. I can’t wait to add Riku and King Mickey to the collection. Other than some loose joints and ball joints, these figures are perfect especially for people who want figures higher quality than the Diamond Select figures, but don’t want to pay the hefty price tag that Play Arts come with.

Sora, I have an idea!

What do guys think? Are these figures worth bundle price? Do you have any plans to add any Bring Arts figures to your collection? Have you had a chance to play Kingdom Hearts III yet?

Watch my unboxing of the figures and the Deluxe Version ofthe game here:

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