Hiatus Over!? DuckTales’ Rumored Return!

*** Update*** It’s True!!!! DuckTales Returns Saturday March 9th!

We are going to pin this one under rumor for the time being. We recently came across the Twitter account @DisneySchedules. This twitter account is not affiliated with the Walt Disney Company, but they do an excellent job of compiling the various Disney channel weekly schedules into wonderful color coded calendars.

This afternoon the account shared some exciting news for DuckFans in the US.

With a title like “Whatever Happened to Della Duck!” we are more than exciting for this hiatus to be over! Honestly, the ending of “Last Christmas!” is the perfect build up going into a hiatus for a Della-story centric episode when the show returns.

We have been hoping DuckTales would return to the Disney Channel some time in March, but recent scheduling had us concerned we might have to wait longer. The proposed date falls the day before the announced series finale for Star Versus The Forces Of Evil. Based on how the Disney Channel resists promoting premieres and finales of different shows at the same time we are still a little cautious to celebrate.

The account who originally shared the info must have been asked for sources and they shared the source is from a message board. People on Twitter are saying the source is reliable and has been accurate in the past.

We are still a couple of weeks away from the Disney Channel confirming this information with their March Schedule Highlights, but we will continue following this news so that we can try to keep you up to speed.

Thanks for following DuckTalks, and here’s hoping we get a new episode on the 9th!

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