New DuckTales Comic Retailer Incentive Covers

The new DuckTales comic is fantastic just like the show. Issue

For collectors out there, there is a retailer incentive cover for each DuckTales issue. A retailer incentive cover is an issue with a special cover that comic publishers offer to comic stores that order a certain number of comics. For example, the DuckTales Retailer Incentive Cover has a 1:10 ratio. So for every 10 issues that a comic store orders of the DuckTales comic, they will get 1 Issue with the retailer incentive special cover. The comic store will either save that Issue for their best customers or they can also sell it for a higher price above retail due to its rarity.

For DuckTales issues #0-12, the retailer incentive cover each month featured a different character from the show with a blueprint background. The following list is all of the characters that were featured for each issue.

    DuckTales #0 – Scrooge McDuck
    DuckTales #1 – Donald Duck
    DuckTales #2 – Huey Duck
    DuckTales #3 – Dewey Duck
    DuckTales #4 – Louie Duck
    DuckTales #5 – Webby Vanderquack
    DuckTales #6 – Launchpad McQuack
    DuckTales #7 – Mrs. Betina Beakley
    DuckTales #8- Flintheart Glomgold
    DuckTales #9 – Lena
    DuckTales #10 – Gyro Gearloose
    DuckTales #11 – Mark Beaks
    DuckTales #12 – Gladstone Gander

The character blueprint retailer incentive cover ended with DuckTales #12, and there was no retailer incentive cover for issues #13-16. I am only missing the Scrooge McDuck and Louie Duck covers.

In a surprising turn of events, the retailer incentive covers have returned with issue #17. Issue #17 features portraits of Huey Duck with Scrooge McDuck admiring the portraits.

Here is a side by side comparison of the new Huey Duck retailer incentive cover with the blueprint edition DuckTales #2.

Below is a sneak peek at the DuckTales retailer incentive cover featuring Dewey Duck for issue #18 and #19 found on a comic retailer’s website for preorder.

One of our twitter friends @KahunaPotato discovered the same thing as we did. The new retailer incentive covers will connect with future retailer incentive covers.

We can assume that Webby Vanderquack will be on the cover of Issue #20 with Mrs. Beakley admiring the portrait.

What do you think about the new designs of the retailer incentive covers? Will you be collecting these editions? Do you have the other retailer incentives? Let us know by tweeting us @DuckTalks.

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