DuckTales: Fowl Play Trade Paperback #4 Released Today

The fourth trade paperback for the new DuckTales comic was released today (1/29).

This volume includes DuckTales issues #9-11. This is a perfect read to occupy some time to get you through the current hiatus of the show. The most recent DuckTales comic release this month was DuckTales #16. So if you get all of the volumes of the trade paperbacks, you will not be that far behind. The next trade paperback, DuckTales: Monsters and Mayhem, containing issues #12-14 will be released in July.

The paperback version is currently on sale on a Amazon for $7.40 which is a great deal if you figure each individual issue runs $3.99.

You can order DuckTales: Fowl Play at the link below:

DuckTales: Fowl Play

Here are the links to order the other volumes:

Vol 1 (0-2): Treasure Trove

Vol 2 (3-5): Mysteries and Mallards

Vol 3 (6-8): Quests and Quacks

Vol 5 (#12-14): Monsters and Mayhem

Also don’t miss out on Amazon’s sale for the digital version of the comics:

Great Prices on the new DuckTales Comic Collection Digital Editions

*By purchasing from through this link above, you are supporting DuckTalks at no additional cost to yourself!

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