IDW’s DuckTales #17 Preview and Review!

I honestly almost missed this release! Even after retweeting IDW’s tweet about issue 17 coming out this week it did not dawn on me that the comic was coming out this week until I saw my local comic book shop’s list of issues coming in.

So last night, after recording episode #55 of our podcast, I downloaded our advanced copy from IDW so I could provide this review for all of you DuckTales fans who are eagerly awaiting new DuckTales stories over this… medium sized, hiatus. Below you can find the issue description, the link to the preview provided by IDW, and the covers for this issue.

DuckTales #17

Various (wr) • Various (a) • Various (c)

Uncle Scrooge finds himself “Marooned in Mystery Mansion”in this special two-part story! Can Mrs. Beakley save the day before things get out of hand?!

FC • 32 pages • $3.99

IDW’s DuckTales #17 Preview!

Those covers look amazing. I have been very fond of the cover art for this book from the start, and I really love the Huey incentive cover for this month’s comic.


I love this issue of DuckTales. It’s clear that the book deserves the full length stories and I hope they do not return to the two, short stories format in the near future. The art is still phenomenal and captures the feel of the show perfectly.

I already said that I enjoyed the story, but I want to mention that I think the success of this story is because it focuses mainly on two characters while also including other main characters as cameos. They show up, they say their line, and they are gone. This allowed Joey Cavalieri to focus on Scrooge and Beakley (or should I say McDuck and Agent 22…?).

You know I am not one to spoil the fun by telling you everything that happens in these stories, but I can’t write about this issue without expressing my joy in reading about a McDuck / Agent 22 mission. “The Confidential Case Files Of Agent 22!” was one of my favorite episodes of season 1, and I want more stories of these two and their history together.

Also, as you can see from the preview Quackfaster makes her return as she is attempting to digitize the McDuck Library. It is during this labor of love that she comes across a period in Scrooge McDuck’s life that is missing. These leads to a fun adventure, and some keen flashbacks of Scrooge’s past.

Why is it that a period of Scrooge McDuck’s past is missing, even from his own memory? Pick up issue #17 at your local comic book store or online and find out! DuckTales #17 is out tomorrow Wednesday, January 23rd 2019.

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