Ducktorate In Comics: Fantagraphics’ The Complete Carl Barks Disney Library

Last year, we challenged ourselves to improve our overall Disney Duck knowledge by reading through Fantagraphics’ Don Rosa Library. We loved every minute of it, and we are now Don Rosa fanatics.

This year, we will be adventuring back to where it all began by reading through Fantagraphics’ the Complete Carl Barks Disney Library. We hope to graduate with a Ducktorate Degree in Disney Duck comics after reading through this library.

As of this blog, there have been 15 volumes of the Carl Barks Disney Library published starting with Vol. 5. The next new release, Vol. 20 is expected to release in April.

Our goal this year is to read through a volume every two weeks or so and then post a review at the end of that week for what we like to call Fantagraphics Friday. Reading through this library is a great way to spend some time as we wait for new episodes of DuckTales to air.

If you would like to join us on this literary adventure as we read the sacred text that is Carl Barks’ Donald Duck and Uncle Scrooge stories, the links to purchase the ComiXology/Kindle versions each volume can be found below. Hardback versions are also available.

Vol. 5: Christmas on Bear Mountain

Vol. 6: The Old Castle’s Secret

Vol. 7: Lost in the Andes

Vol. 8: Trail of the Unicorn

Vol. 9: The Pixilated Parrot

Vol. 10: Terror of the Beagle Boys

Vol. 11: A Christmas For Shacktown

Vol. 12: Only a Poor Old Man

Vol. 13: Trick Or Treat

Vol. 14: The Seven Cities of Gold

Vol. 15: The Ghost Sheriff of Last Gasp

Vol. 16: The Lost Crown of Genghis Khan

Vol. 17: The Secret of Hondorica

Vol. 18: The Lost Peg Leg Mine

Vol. 19: The Black Pearls of Tabu Yama

*By purchasing from through this link above, you are supporting DuckTalks at no additional cost to yourself!

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