Funko Pocket POP! Keychains Donald Duck and Daisy Duck

Funko announced new sets of Disney Funko Pocket POP! Keychain 2 packs. One of the two packs feature Donald Duck and Daisy Duck.

These Pocket POP! Keychains look great. I do have a few Pocket POP!s in my collection, and I always unscrew the keychain part and make them miniature POP! figures.

This is a new figure mold design by Funko for Donald, and we have never had a Daisy POP! figure release before. It is more than likely that we will see standard POP size figures of Donald and Daisy in a future release.

Here is a look at the original Donald Duck Funko POP! mold from the first Disney series which is now retired.

The Funko designers have obviously improved Donald’s look since the first Donald Duck release.

Funko has also released Donald Duck in updated figure molds for its Kingdom Hearts POP! series.

I will definitely be welcoming the Pocket POP! Keychains of Donald Duck and Daisy Duck into my Funko collection.

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