Would Scrooge McDuck be a good fit for Super Smash Bros Ultimate?

Super Smash Bros Ultimate was released for the Nintendo Switch in December 7th this month. This game will definitely be under many Christmas trees this year…including mine.

There are five extra DLC characters coming to the game next year in a Smash Bros Ultimate Fighter Pack which is available for $25. The Joker from Persona 5 has been named 1 of the 5 DLC characters. So there is currently 4 roster spots remaining.

When I think of potential characters from Disney games that can be added to the Smash Bros Ultimate Roster, the two names that come to mind are Scrooge McDuck from the Capcom’s DuckTales NES game and Sora from Square Enix’s Kingdom Hearts. Sora would definitely be a great pickup for Smash Bros as Kingdom Hearts III is set for release next month, and it would be a very popular choice for gamers. This article will look at the less obvious pick which is Scrooge McDuck.

DuckTales NES game is one of my favorite games as well as one of the most popular 8-bit classics from the original Nintendo era. Capcom even remastered the DuckTales in 2013.

Capcom released a package of all of the Disney Afternoon original NES games last year with the Disney Afternoon Collection. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Scrooge’s pogo stick cane would be a great weapon in Smash Bros, and he could be designed in his 8-bit or remastered forms. I think Scrooge would be able to hold his own against other fighters by using his cane.

Green Soda 123 on Twitter had thoughts on Scrooge’s Ultimate Move: “He could summon Launchpad McQuack who could crash his plane into the other players.”

What do you think? Would you like to see Scrooge McDuck enter the arena in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate? I know I would choose him to be my main if it happens.

One comment

  1. uh…. YEAH!
    Seriously, he would be an odd choice, but isn’t that why we love Smash? He could even have two costumes, classic and modern. Classic summons Launchpad, Modern would summon and throw Donald, who would go crazy on the opponent!

    Hey, someone get on this!!!

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