Best Black Friday Deals

Black Friday Shopping is here. Here is a list of some of the duck related sales that we have found that are going on right now. We will update this list throughout the day as we discover more deals.

Tee Public

DuckTalks Podcast T-shirts and Merch (30% off)

The Scrooge Mystery

The Scrooge Mystery Blu-Ray / DVD ($10 off with code ARPIN LUSENE)


Don Rosa Vol. 10: The Old Castle’s Other Secret (35% off)

Don Rosa Vol. 9 and 10 (35% off)


GameStop Black Friday 2018 Boxes (Includes randomly selected Disney Afternoon Funko POP) ($20)

Disney Afternoon Action Figures Series 2 Action Figures (Only $9.74)

$8 Funko POPs

Hot Topic

3 for $24 Funko POPs


DuckTales Shirt (Only $6.79 after code JOY)

Shop Disney

DuckTales Merch (Extra 20% off with code AMAZING)


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