Funko’s Disney Afternoon Wave 2 Figures Listed for Preorder on Amazon!

Last week Funko announced Wave Two of their Disney Afternoon figures via Twitter. We couldn’t have been more excited by the figures announced! The choices were logical choices, and great additions to Wave One. The announcement states the figures were already available, but most retailers did not have them listed. Some sites are now showing the figures available for preorder and with a release in early November (like, the first week).

You know one of our preferred methods of getting our hands on DuckMerch is through DuckTalks is an affiliate of Amazon and that means if you purchase products from Amazon, through our links, those purchases will support DuckTalks at no additional cost to you. This helps us provide you more great content, and with Amazon you get their price guarantee. If the price drops anytime between now and release you will receive the best price available.

Here are links for Amazon’s preorders of the Funko Disney Afternoon figures. Just click on the images.





These figures look great, and they will be great additions to your Disney Afternoon Collection. We know they will to ours!

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